Show me the career records for franchises for games between week and week
Career Records
#FranchiseWLTPctPFAvg PFPAAvg PASeasons
1.@JeffKCollins | NumberBall 0000.0000.
2.Matthew Berry (The Godfather) 0000.0000.
3.@LordReebs (Rightful Heir to the Throne) 0000.0000.
4.Graham Barfield (Not a Professional) 0000.0000.
5.Danny Kelly (J.A.G.) 0000.0000.
6.Davis Mattek (RotoExperts) 0000.0000.
7.@Pat_Thorman (Alleged Fantasy Analyst) 0000.0000.
8.Scott Barrett and TJ Calkins (The Commission) 0000.0000.
9.Bob Harris (The Grandfather) 0000.0000.
10.DynastyTradesHQ (Official League Podcast) 0000.0000.
11.@TheSeigeDFS | CJ Kaltenbach (ArbourPro) 0000.0000.
12.Evan Silva (Professional Fantasy Analyst) 0000.0000.