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Week 1 Injuries - Last Updated Mon Jul 6 11:07:06 a.m. CT 2020

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Atlanta Falcons
Player Injury Status Details
Allen, Ricardo ATL SQuestionableShoulder
Neal, Keanu ATL SQuestionableAchilles
Baltimore Ravens
Player Injury Status Details
Breeland, Jacob BAL TEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Brown, Marquise BAL WRQuestionableFoot
Williams, Ty'Son BAL RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Buffalo Bills
Player Injury Status Details
Hughes, Jerry BUF DEQuestionableGroin
Phillips, Harrison BUF DTQuestionableKnee - ACL
Wallace, Levi BUF CBQuestionableShoulder
Carolina Panthers
Player Injury Status Details
Gano, Graham CAR PKQuestionableKnee
Thompson, Shaq CAR LBQuestionableShoulder
Chicago Bears
Player Injury Status Details
Miller, Anthony CHI WRQuestionableShoulder
Shaheen, Adam CHI TEQuestionableFoot
Smith, Roquan CHI LBQuestionablePectoral
Cincinnati Bengals
Player Injury Status Details
Anderson, Rodney CIN RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Bailey, Markus CIN LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Davis-Gaither, Akeem CIN LBQuestionableFoot
Kareem, Khalid CIN DEQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Cleveland Browns
Player Injury Status Details
Landry, Jarvis CLE WRQuestionableHip - Labrum
Dallas Cowboys
Player Injury Status Details
Brown, Noah DAL WRQuestionableKnee
Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RBQuestionableIllness
Gregory, Randy DAL DESuspendedSuspension
Woods, Antwaun DAL DTQuestionableHip
Denver Broncos
Player Injury Status Details
Chubb, Bradley DEN LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Jackson, Kareem DEN SQuestionableIllness
Detroit Lions
Player Injury Status Details
Hockenson, T.J. DET TEQuestionableAnkle
Green Bay Packers
Player Injury Status Details
Bolton, Curtis GBP LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Houston Texans
Player Injury Status Details
Cole, Dylan HOU LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Conley, Gareon HOU CBQuestionableAnkle
Fuller, Will HOU WRQuestionableSports Hernia
McKinney, Benardrick HOU LBQuestionableAnkle
Reid, Justin HOU SQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Indianapolis Colts
Player Injury Status Details
Blackmon, Julian IND SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Burton, Trey IND TEQuestionableHip - Labrum
Turay, Kemoko IND DEQuestionableAnkle
Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Injury Status Details
O'Shaughnessy, James JAC TEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Kansas City Chiefs
Player Injury Status Details
Speaks, Breeland KCC DESuspendedSuspension
Thornhill, Juan KCC SQuestionableKnee - ACL
Los Angeles Rams
Player Injury Status Details
Henderson, Darrell LAR RBQuestionableAnkle
Jefferson, Van LAR WRQuestionableFoot
Johnson, John LAR SQuestionableShoulder
Johnston, Clay LAR LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Las Vegas Raiders
Player Injury Status Details
Edwards, Bryan LVR WRQuestionableFoot
Heath, Jeff LVR SQuestionableShoulder
Lawson, Nevin LVR CBSuspendedSuspension
Moreau, Foster LVR TEQuestionableKnee
Nelson, Nick LVR CBIR-PUPKnee
Ruggs, Henry LVR WRQuestionableThigh
Miami Dolphins
Player Injury Status Details
McCain, Bobby MIA SQuestionableShoulder
Roberts, Michael MIA TEQuestionableShoulder
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBQuestionableHip
Williams, Preston MIA WRQuestionableKnee - ACL
Minnesota Vikings
Player Injury Status Details
Hughes, Mike MIN CBQuestionableNeck
New England Patriots
Player Injury Status Details
McCourty, Jason NEP CBQuestionableGroin
Michel, Sony NEP RBQuestionableFoot
Sanu, Mohamed NEP WRQuestionableAnkle
Winovich, Chase NEP DEQuestionableSports Hernia
New Orleans Saints
Player Injury Status Details
Alonso, Kiko NOS LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Jordan, Cameron NOS DEQuestionableGroin
Rankins, Sheldon NOS DTQuestionableAnkle
Spence, Noah NOS DEIR-NFIKnee - ACL
New York Giants
Player Injury Status Details
Connelly, Ryan NYG LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
New York Jets
Player Injury Status Details
Bellamy, Josh NYJ WRIR-PUPShoulder
Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WRIR-PUPNeck
Flacco, Joe NYJ QBDoubtfulNeck
Griffin, Ryan NYJ TEQuestionableAnkle
Moore, Jalin NYJ RBIR-NFIAnkle
Williamson, Avery NYJ LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Philadelphia Eagles
Player Injury Status Details
Hall, Daeshon PHI DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Jackson, Malik PHI DTQuestionableFoot
Jeffery, Alshon PHI WRQuestionableFoot
Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Injury Status Details
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBQuestionableElbow
Rudolph, Mason PIT QBQuestionableShoulder
Shazier, Ryan PIT LBRetiredSpine
Seattle Seahawks
Player Injury Status Details
Blair, Marquise SEA SQuestionableAnkle
Carson, Chris SEA RBQuestionableHip
Dissly, Will SEA TEQuestionableAchilles
Hyde, Carlos SEA RBQuestionableShoulder - Labrum
Parkinson, Colby SEA TEQuestionableFoot
Penny, Rashaad SEA RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Taylor, Darrell SEA DEQuestionableLeg
Wright, K.J. SEA LBQuestionableShoulder
San Francisco 49ers
Player Injury Status Details
Alexander, Kwon SFO LBQuestionableBiceps
Blair, Ronald SFO DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
James, Richie SFO WRQuestionableWrist
Reed, D.J. SFO CBQuestionablePectoral
Samuel, Deebo SFO WRQuestionableFoot
Taylor, Jullian SFO DEQuestionableKnee - ACL
Taylor, Trent SFO WRQuestionableFoot
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Injury Status Details
Evans, Justin TBB SQuestionableAchilles
Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DEQuestionableKnee
Vea, Vita TBB DTQuestionableHand
Washington Redskins
Player Injury Status Details
Foster, Reuben WAS LBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Hall, Emanuel WAS WROutAchilles
Love, Bryce WAS RBQuestionableKnee - ACL
Smith, Alex WAS QBDoubtfulLower Leg