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Draft Results For Fantasy X-Perts Football League (FanXFL)
1.011Lewin Lane Libation EnthusiastsDraft hasn't started yet. Will start on Sun, Aug 23.- 
1.022Pinecrest Pillagers- 
1.033The Fabulous Freebirds- 
1.044London Werewulves- 
1.055Brew City Sudspuppies-[Pick traded from 8th Level Vertebreakers.]
1.066Beloit Purple Knights- 
1.077Cleveland Freaks- 
1.088Brew City Sudspuppies- 
1.099Brew City Sudspuppies-[Pick traded from Spurbury Super Troopers.]
1.1010The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
2.0111Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
2.0212Pinecrest Pillagers- 
2.0313The Fabulous Freebirds- 
2.0414London Werewulves- 
2.0515Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts-[Pick traded from 8th Level Vertebreakers.]
2.0616Beloit Purple Knights- 
2.07178th Level Vertebreakers-[Pick traded from Cleveland Freaks.]
2.0818Brew City Sudspuppies- 
2.0919Spurbury Super Troopers- 
2.1020The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
3.0121Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
3.0222Pinecrest Pillagers- 
3.0323The Fabulous Freebirds- 
3.0424London Werewulves- 
3.05258th Level Vertebreakers- 
3.0626Beloit Purple Knights- 
3.0727Cleveland Freaks- 
3.0828Brew City Sudspuppies- 
3.0929Spurbury Super Troopers- 
3.1030The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
4.0131Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
4.0232Pinecrest Pillagers- 
4.0333The Fabulous Freebirds- 
4.0434London Werewulves- 
4.05358th Level Vertebreakers- 
4.0636Beloit Purple Knights- 
4.0737Cleveland Freaks- 
4.0838Brew City Sudspuppies- 
4.0939Spurbury Super Troopers- 
4.1040The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
5.01418th Level Vertebreakers-[Pick traded from Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts.]
5.0242Pinecrest Pillagers- 
5.0343The Fabulous Freebirds- 
5.0444London Werewulves- 
5.05458th Level Vertebreakers- 
5.0646Beloit Purple Knights- 
5.0747Cleveland Freaks- 
5.0848Brew City Sudspuppies- 
5.0949Spurbury Super Troopers- 
5.1050The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
6.0151Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
6.0252Pinecrest Pillagers- 
6.0353The Fabulous Freebirds- 
6.0454London Werewulves- 
6.05558th Level Vertebreakers- 
6.0656Beloit Purple Knights- 
6.0757Cleveland Freaks- 
6.0858Brew City Sudspuppies- 
6.0959Spurbury Super Troopers- 
6.1060The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
7.0161Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
7.0262Pinecrest Pillagers- 
7.0363The Fabulous Freebirds- 
7.0464London Werewulves- 
7.05658th Level Vertebreakers- 
7.0666Beloit Purple Knights- 
7.0767Cleveland Freaks- 
7.0868Brew City Sudspuppies- 
7.0969Spurbury Super Troopers- 
7.1070The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
8.0171Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
8.0272Pinecrest Pillagers- 
8.0373The Fabulous Freebirds- 
8.0474London Werewulves- 
8.05758th Level Vertebreakers- 
8.0676Beloit Purple Knights- 
8.0777Cleveland Freaks- 
8.0878Brew City Sudspuppies- 
8.0979Spurbury Super Troopers- 
8.1080The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
9.0181Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
9.0282Pinecrest Pillagers- 
9.0383The Fabulous Freebirds- 
9.0484London Werewulves- 
9.05858th Level Vertebreakers- 
9.0686Beloit Purple Knights- 
9.0787Cleveland Freaks- 
9.0888Brew City Sudspuppies- 
9.0989Spurbury Super Troopers- 
9.1090The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
10.0191Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
10.0292Pinecrest Pillagers- 
10.0393The Fabulous Freebirds- 
10.0494London Werewulves- 
10.05958th Level Vertebreakers- 
10.0696Beloit Purple Knights- 
10.0797Cleveland Freaks- 
10.0898Brew City Sudspuppies- 
10.09998th Level Vertebreakers-[Pick traded from Spurbury Super Troopers.]
10.10100The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
11.01101Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
11.02102Pinecrest Pillagers- 
11.03103The Fabulous Freebirds- 
11.04104London Werewulves- 
11.051058th Level Vertebreakers- 
11.06106Beloit Purple Knights- 
11.07107Cleveland Freaks- 
11.08108Brew City Sudspuppies- 
11.09109Spurbury Super Troopers- 
11.10110The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
12.01111Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
12.02112Pinecrest Pillagers- 
12.03113The Fabulous Freebirds- 
12.04114London Werewulves- 
12.051158th Level Vertebreakers- 
12.06116Beloit Purple Knights- 
12.07117Cleveland Freaks- 
12.08118Brew City Sudspuppies- 
12.09119Spurbury Super Troopers- 
12.10120The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
13.01121Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
13.02122Pinecrest Pillagers- 
13.03123The Fabulous Freebirds- 
13.04124London Werewulves- 
13.05125Cleveland Freaks-[Pick traded from 8th Level Vertebreakers.]
13.06126Beloit Purple Knights- 
13.07127Cleveland Freaks- 
13.08128Brew City Sudspuppies- 
13.09129Spurbury Super Troopers- 
13.10130The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
14.01131Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
14.02132Pinecrest Pillagers- 
14.03133The Fabulous Freebirds- 
14.04134London Werewulves- 
14.051358th Level Vertebreakers- 
14.06136Beloit Purple Knights- 
14.07137Cleveland Freaks- 
14.08138Brew City Sudspuppies- 
14.09139Spurbury Super Troopers- 
14.10140The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
15.01141Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts- 
15.02142Pinecrest Pillagers- 
15.03143The Fabulous Freebirds- 
15.04144London Werewulves- 
15.051458th Level Vertebreakers- 
15.06146Beloit Purple Knights- 
15.07147Cleveland Freaks- 
15.08148Brew City Sudspuppies- 
15.09149Spurbury Super Troopers- 
15.10150The Decaffeinated Street Whores- 
Average Time Waiting To Make Pick
FranchiseTotal Wait TimeAverage Wait TimeNum Picks
Cleveland Freaks--0
Brew City Sudspuppies--0
Lewin Lane Libation Enthusiasts--0
Spurbury Super Troopers--0
Beloit Purple Knights--0
Pinecrest Pillagers--0
8th Level Vertebreakers--0
The Fabulous Freebirds--0
London Werewulves--0
The Decaffeinated Street Whores--0